Viewers Roast Fox Legal Analyst For Agreeing With Adam Schiff

The right-wing viewers of Fox News are very unhappy with the network’s chief legal analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano right now. And they have taken to Twitter to express their extreme displeasure with what Napolitano had to say about Bill Barr, the Mueller report, and comments made by Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA).

In a recent interview Napolitano admitted that Rep. Schiff was correct when he said that Donald Trump may have committed obstruction of justice, and there is evidence of that in the report issued by Mueller when he concluded his investigation a week ago.

Appearing yesterday with Fox Business host Neil Cavuto, the conservative Napolitano stunned the Fox host by saying:

“I think that Congressman Schiff is correct. In that report will be evidence of the existence of a conspiracy. Not enough evidence to prove the existence beyond a reasonable doubt. In that report will be evidence of obstruction of justice, interfering with an FBI investigation for a personal gain. But not enough evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Needless to say, with Trump bashing Schiff during his recent Michigan rally, and GOP House members calling on him to step down as committee chairman, Fox viewers were shocked at Napolitano’s comments. So for the past 24 hours they have been venting their rage by posting hostile tweets, calling the judge a “closet leftist” among other things.

You can see some of the rage tweets below, including far-right conservative gadfly Larry Klayman writing, “Has Fox News’ Napolitano Gone Leftist Mad!”

Republicans in Congress seem to have lost their minds over what they think was the total exoneration of Donald Trump by the Mueller Report. Of course, none of them have seen a single page of that report, and are basing all of their conclusions on a Barr’s short letter.

All week Trump and his supporters have been escalating their attacks on all of Trump’s Democratic critics to include absurd demands for apologies. They have demanded the resignation of Schiff, and even created an enemies list.

But now Trump and the Republicans have to deal with the fact that the chief legal analyst for Fox News AGREES with Adam Schiff.

Not only that, but last night on Rachel Maddow, Schiff made very clear that the full Mueller report WILL be coming out for the American people to see. This means that Republicans and Fox News viewers will have to get used to the facts of this case which are very detrimental to Donald Trump.

As Judge Napolitano said:

“In the Mueller report will be evidence of the existence of a conspiracy.”


CLICK HERE to watch the full Napolitano interview