Trump Already Has Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Replacement Picked Out

Trump is so confident or delusional in his belief that he will get to nominate the replacement for RBG that he has his nominee already picked out.

Axios reported:
As he was deliberating last year over replacing Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, President Trump told confidants he had big plans for Judge Amy Coney Barrett.

“I’m saving her for Ginsburg,” Trump said of Barrett, according to three sources familiar with the president’s private comments. Trump used that exact line with a number of people, including in a private conversation with an adviser two days before announcing Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.

It is more likely that Trump will lose in 2020 than get to appoint another Supreme Court justice

Trump still has yet to register an approval rating above 50% in a credible poll. The economy is showing signs of slowing down, and the president’s approval ratings actually dropped after he tried to spin the findings in the Mueller report.

The odds are that Donald Trump will be out of office before RBG leaves the bench.

It is the height of delusion for a president who is this unpopular and just got shelled in a midterm election to think that he is going to get a second term. Democrats have finally realized the value of the Supreme Court.

Trump can pick out RBG’s replacement, but the odds are that it will be a Democratic president who will be doing the future nominating.

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