Trump’s Approval Rating Drops As His Mueller Report Lies Backfire

A new NBC News/WSJ poll found that instead of helping Trump, the president’s lies and exaggerations about the Mueller report are harming his approval rating.

NBC News reported:

According to a new NBC News/ Wall Street Journal poll, 29 percent of Americans say they believe Trump has been cleared of wrongdoing, based on what they have heard about Mueller’s findings, while 40 percent say they do not believe he has been cleared.

But a third of Americans — 31 percent — say they’re not sure if Trump has been cleared. That includes nearly half of independents (45 percent) and about a quarter of both Democrats (27 percent) and Republicans (25 percent.)


The narrative about the Mueller probe has also not significantly affected the president’s approval rating, which stands at 43 percent. Fifty-three percent of Americans disapprove of his job performance.

In February, Trump’s approval rating stood at 46 percent, but this month’s shift is within the poll’s margin of error.

Because Trump and the White have no credibility, their claims of exoneration are backfiring

The Trump White House has less than zero credibility with most Americans, which is why when they make false claims of total exoneration it backfires on Trump’s approval rating. What the NBC/WSJ poll reveals is that Trump has greatly overestimated and overplayed his hand. The president doesn’t have any new political capital to use to attack Obamacare and threaten to shut down the border.

The only people who believe in Trump’s “exoneration” are the president himself and his most loyal followers. Most Americans aren’t buying it, and if Republicans thought that they could use the Mueller report to turn the sinking Trump presidency around, they have bee shown in less than a week that this is not the issue that will save them in 2020.

No issue can help Donald Trump, because it is the president’s own lack of popularity that remains the Republican Party’s biggest problem.

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