Big Wins For Dems in Louisiana Show That 2020 Will Be a GOP Wipeout

Over the weekend there were two big victories for Democrats in Louisiana which have sent shockwaves throughout the Republican Party.

The elections won by Democratic candidates took place in two Louisiana state districts that Trump won in 2016 by huge margins.

What voters in these districts have done is sent a massive 2020 election message to Republicans.

The message is this: Trump is an anchor around your necks, and he’s going to drown your election chances next year.

The news was reported by Jessica Post, the Executive Director of the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC). The DLCC is the Democratic Party organization that works to elect Democrats to U.S. state legislatures. Winning back state government positions is one of the top priorities of Democrats throughout the country.

Concerning the Louisiana victories Post wrote:

“BREAKING: Tonight in leg special elections, the Louisiana GOP was soundly rejected by voters. Dems held a seat Trump won by 18 points, & the GOP lost a seat Trump won by 17 points. The state legislature & gov is on the ballot this fall, & this is a very encouraging trend.”

Although people think of Louisiana as a red state, it has a popular Democratic governor, John Bel Edwards, who was elected to office in 2016. And Democrats think they may be able to take over control of the state legislature in the near future.

Because of this, the Louisiana GOP is panicking. In a desperate last-minute attempt to save the two districts over the weekend, they sent out a political mailer claiming Trump wasn’t a crook. It can be seen in the tweet below:

But collusion isn’t what voters really care about.

They probably already believe that Trump is a crook, but what they really care about is healthcare, jobs, paying their bills, etc.

And there was nothing in the GOP mailer that mentioned healthcare, or jobs, or anything that voters really care about. It was all about ‘collusion’ as if that is the strongest argument for people to vote for Republicans.

In these special elections Louisiana voters responded by soundly rejecting the Republican Party and its candidates.

This shows that as we head into the 2020 election season, Republicans have no real message that will persuade voters to choose them.

If Donald Trump and other Republican candidates base their campaigns on “no collusion” as the main message, they will be heading for electoral defeats of epic proportions.

And the results of the two recent elections in Louisiana prove that.