Biden Advisers Think Bernie Sanders Is Behind The Allegations Of Inappropriate Behavior

Advisors to Joe Biden believe that advisors to Bernie Sanders are at least partly behind the allegations against the former vice president.

Axios reported:
Joe Biden advisers believe coverage of allegations of inappropriate behavior is being stoked by rival Democrats — a dynamic that could actually fire up the vice president at a time when others see success as increasingly improbable.

Why it matters: Several around Biden think advisers to Bernie Sanders are at least partly behind the anti-Biden campaign. One prominent backer thinks Biden will run, and “is ready to kill Bernie.”

The Sanders supporters have also spread opposition research about Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke so it would not be surprising if they were involved.

The Sanders campaign should see Joe Biden as their biggest threat to the nomination because Biden has great appeal with rank and file Democrats, white blue-collar Democrats, moderate Democrats, African-American Democrats, suburban Democrats, and Democratic women.

It is clear that somebody is trying to keep Joe Biden out of the Democratic primary field. They are also trying to damage Biden and make him a weaker candidate.

Former vice president Biden will be the frontrunner as soon as he enters the race.

He will give Sanders problems in ways and with primary voters in ways that Hillary Clinton could not.

It is going to be a tussle at the top, as Joe Biden looks like he is ready for a fight.

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