Ivanka Trump Crashes And Burns As Americans Show Their Hate

Ivanka Trump was thought to be the pleasing and likable public face of the White House, but a new survey shows that the American people don’t like or trust Trump’s daughter.

The Washington Post reported on Ivanka Trump’s E-Score:
In terms of facial recognition, Ms. Trump scored 47 percent, slightly higher than Ms. Conway and Ms. Sanders, the most public-facing administration officials, who both scored a 32 percent for facial recognition.

Ms. Trump’s overall strong positive appeal was 12 percent, compared with an overall strong negative appeal of 21 percent. While Ms. Trump was more disliked than liked among every age group by men and women alike, she consistently had a slight edge with men over women.

Ms. Trump is most popular among adults over the age of 55 and least popular with adults between the ages of 18 and 24.

In a list of attributes that celebrities are graded on, Ms. Trump was most often described as “attractive” (32 percent), “beautiful” (28 percent) and “glamorous” (25 percent). She ranked lowest on “funny” (1 percent), “can identify with” (2 percent) and “exciting” (3 percent).

America isn’t being fooled by Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump has the same lack of honesty and credibility problems as her father. Being born rich, just like her father, has left Ivanka unable to relate to the concerns to the concerns of average people. Ivanka Trump comes off as inauthentic, wooden, and not honest in her interviews. Ivanka Trump was supposed to be the relatable face for the Trump administration, but just like her father, the majority of the country has seen through her lies and rejected Ivanka Trump.
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