Democrats Outsmarted Trump And Made It Impossible For Him To Hide His Tax Returns

Rep. Dan Kildee (D-MI) explained that the Trump administration would have no say over blocking the release of the president’s tax returns because Democrats addressed the letter to the IRS, not the Treasury Department.

Rep. Kildee said on MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes, “It’s not up to the Treasury Secretary. It’s up to the commissioner of the IRS. That’s who the letter was addressed to. When Secretary Mnuchin was before the committee, he said the same thing. The commissioner of the IRS will follow the law. That’s our expectation that he will follow the law of the United States and deliver the returns that had been requested.”


By not blanket requesting all of Trump’s tax returns, but only seeking returns for the years when Trump claims that he is being audited, Democrats used Trump’s own excuse for not turning over the returns against him. Democrats are investigating, not Donald Trump, but whether or not tax law is being appropriately applied to the President Of The United States.

It is a clever strategy that is based on public policy but has the practical impact of getting Trump’s tax returns into the hands of members of Congress for examination.

The White House is in way over its head in dealing with this Democratic House. The Democrats are running circles around the president and turning his entire presidency into a waking oversight nightmare.

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