The House Just Requested Trump’s Tax Returns From The IRS

The House Ways and Means Committee has requested Donald Trump’s tax returns from 2013 through 2018 from the IRS.

Here is the letter from Ways and Means Committee chairman Rep. Richard Neal to the IRS:

The Department of the Treasury has already stated that they are going to fight any request for Trump’s tax returns. It is interesting that the Ways and Means Committee is specifically interested in the years when Trump was considering a run for president, through his presidential campaign, and his presidency.

Trump’s tax returns are at the heart of questions surrounding his relationships with foreign governments, and if the president has been compromised by a foreign government. There is also the issue of whether Trump is using the presidency for profit, and any conflicts of interest that are impacting US policy.

The Treasury will refuse to turn over the returns. The Ways and Means committee will have to issue a subpoena, and this is a matter that will be decided in court.

Rep. Neal has smartly focused his request on whether the IRS is conducting the audit appropriately, which means that it likely to survive any legal challenge.

None of this would have been possible without Democrats taking back the House. The blue wave and the millions of voters who flipped the House made this moment possible. Democrats are likely to also win in court and get Trump’s tax returns.

All of Donald Trump’s secrets are going to be revealed, and the timing looks like the bombs may drop on Trump during his reelection campaign.

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