Trump’s Doomsday Arrives As The IRS Has One Week To Turn Over His Tax Returns

The House Ways and Means Committee has given the IRS exactly one week to turn over Trump’s personal and business tax returns.

Rep. Neal had some great reasoning for requesting the exact returns that he did, “Under the Internal Revenue Manual, individual income tax returns of a President are subject to mandatory examination, but this practice is IRS policy and not codified in the Federal tax laws. It is necessary for the committee to determine the scope of any such examination and whether it includes a review of underlying business activities required to be reported on the individual income tax return.”

Here is the page of Neal’s letter to the IRS requesting Trump’s tax returns in a week:

Other members of Ways and Means applauded their chairman. Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) said, “Chairman Neal exercised his authority as part of the Ways and Means Committee’s legitimate legislative and oversight function to carry out federal tax law and see the president’s tax information. The history of dishonesty coming from this administration casts some doubt over the legitimacy of his business activity. His refusal to disclose his returns flies in the face of decades of precedent, and given Trump’s extensive network of foreign and domestic business dealings, more financial transparency is needed—not less. In the best interest of our democracy, the American people deserve to see the returns.”

Trump’s nightmare has come to life

Trump has been hiding his tax returns for years, but that is all coming to an end, as Democrats are launching an oversight assault on this president that is working double time to make up for the oversight that Republicans neglected to do when they were in the House majority. The IRS has one week to produce the returns to the committee.

The White House is expected to fight this request, but Rep. Neal does have the legal authority and his reason for requesting the returns is based on solid policy grounds.

Everything that Trump has always been afraid of his happening at once. This is a landslide of doom that is poised to bury Trump.

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