Mueller’s Team Says There Is Compelling Evidence Of Trump/Russia Collusion


Robert Mueller‘s team is frustrated and speaking out because the Mueller report is said to contain compelling and alarming evidence on collusion and obstruction of justice.

NBC’s Ken Dilanian reported:

He said that was a factor in his decision NBC news has not only confirmed these reports, but I think we’ve taken it a little further. There are members of Mueller‘s team are frustrated that William Barr stepped in and cleared the president of obstruction when Robert Mueller didn’t do that. It was unclear his intent that he didn’t do that.

The intent was to allow Congress and the public to make their own decision about the evidence. You know, Mueller didn’t make a call, and he left the field clear for William Barr to come in there and pronounce there was no prosecutable case for obstruction we don’t know to what extent Barr consulted with Robert Mueller about this decision. We are told that members of Mueller‘s team are frustrated and as the post and the times are reporting, how Barr depicted the state of the evidence on obstruction there’s compelling evidence once we see the report is. We’re hearing from a separate U.S. Official that says the evidence on collusion while not establishing a criminal conspiracy is compelling. Some of it may be classified, to the extent we get to see it Mueller‘s report talks about those contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia and whether the trump campaign was manipulated by a sophisticated Russian operation.



Trump’s Mueller cover-up is crumbling

The Mueller people are speaking out, and what has long been suspected is turning out to be true. Trump created a fantasy version of the Mueller report that “totally exonerated” him. The real Mueller report is likely loaded with damaging information that might be enough to launch Democrats toward the path of impeachment and even turn some Republicans against him.

The report and the truth are going to come out. One way or another the American people will find out the truth. Trump is living on borrowed time, and his stall tactics are beginning to run out.

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