Rachel Maddow Explains How Trump’s Mueller Report Cover-Up Is Imploding


Rachel Maddow caught William Barr in another lie on Thursday, slamming the attorney general‘s flimsy excuse for not releasing Robert Mueller‘s summaries to the public.

The MSNBC host pointed out that the special counsel team had crafted summaries of the Mueller report for public consumption, meaning the information in those summaries was already cleared for release.

But Barr is saying he hasn’t released those summaries to the public because they may contain “grand jury material.”


“Why would Mueller write summaries for the public and then rule, himself, that those summaries definitely can’t go to the public?” Maddow asked. “I mean, that makes absolutely no sense.”


Maddow said:

Tell me how it makes sense that Mueller’s own summaries which he and his team wrote specifically for public consumption, that those summaries now are not being released for public consumption supposedly because they contain grand jury material? That makes no sense at all. If Mueller is the one policing what counts as grand jury material and Mueller’s the one who wrote the summaries specifically so they can go to the public, then how could those be withheld on that basis? I mean, that would be like me putting my dog in charge of what we’re having for dinner, and then the dog gets really mad at me because it turns out he’s decided we should have like lettuce and escarole and kale for dinner. And my dog hates all leafy greens. It makes no sense. If you’re deciding what happens here, why would you decide against yourself and then be mad about it? I mean nothing against lettuce, my dog doesn’t like it. My dog wouldn’t pick that for dinner. Why would Mueller write summaries for the public and then rule himself that those summaries definitely can’t go to the public? I mean, that makes absolutely no sense.

The Trump-Barr cover-up is imploding

Donald Trump may have thought William Barr’s initial four-page summary was a boost for him, but it has quickly turned into a full-fledged disaster.

Instead of being seen as an exonerating document, as Trump hoped, Barr’s summary is now being viewed as one piece of a broader effort by the administration to cover up the Mueller report.

The harder they fight to conceal the unredacted report – and the underlying evidence – the less likely it is that Trump is, as he says, completely innocent of any wrongdoing.

The one upside to having an administration so incompetent is that they’re too clumsy to cover up their own corruption.

The Mueller report cover-up appears to be in its final throes.

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