Trump Is Under Investigation For Selling Access to Foreign Governments

House Intelligence Committee member Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) said that Trump’s inaugural committee is under investigation for selling access to foreign governments.

Rep. Speier said on MSNBC, “We’re looking at foreign influence. To what extent have foreign individuals contributed to the inaugural that may have then been given to persons within the Trump Organization or Trump family and assess whether or not that was an effort to somehow get the president to lift sanctions or give access to these individuals. Once again, it shows that the relationship between Donald Trump, the businessman, and Russia is mush deeper than any of us probably foresaw.”


The Trump Inaugural Committee Is Under Investigation

Trump’s inauguration was the most expensive in history, but no one can figure out where the money went. Evidence shows that Donald and Ivanka illegally received money by jacking up rates at Trump’s DC hotel and making space ten to one hundred times more expensive for the inaugural committee. Ivanka Trump may have violated tax laws in connection with $40 million missing in inauguration funds. There is also a federal criminal investigation into corruption related to the inauguration.

Democrats are investigating if Trump used the inauguration to sell influence to foreign governments

Democrats are going beyond basic crime and corruption. They are investigating if Trump, his family, or his associates sold access to the president or made policy promises in exchange for donations to the inaugural committee which found their way into the pockets of the Trumps.

There are a lot of big Trump-related congressional investigations to monitor. The national security scandal involving security clearances and the Mueller report cover-up are two of the most recent, but the inaugural committee corruption is bubbling under the surface, and it could be the crime that exposes all the elements of Trump corruption in full.

Democrats are hitting Trump and all fronts and showing no letup in their efforts to investigate a corrupt president and administration.

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