Signs Suggest Trump May Use Taxpayer Money to Visit His Golf Course In California

Trump is visiting on California on Friday, and while not on his public schedule, all nature trails and parks surrounding his Los Angeles golf course have been closed.

David Fahrenthold of The Washington Post reported:

Here is the closure notice:

24x24 Closure Notice 040319

It has become standard White House practice not to put golf on Trump‘s public schedule. The White House has altered Trump‘s scheduling so that it appears that he is always doing some sort of excuse for official business while visiting one of his properties. The access to the course may have been closed in case Trump decides to stop, but these White House events are planned out well in advance.

Trump has consistently used the presidency to promote his businesses, so it would be completely in character for him to continue this practice while in California. Taxpayers are paying for this trip, so if Trump goes to his golf course, you and I are funding the advertising of his for-profit ventures.

There are so many acts of corruption daily that it is easy to lose track of what this president is up to, but it is always worth mentioning that Trump‘s behavior is an abuse of the power of the presidency, and an insidious form of corruption that must be cleaned up.

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