Trump Is So Out Of It That He Thought A 15 Year Old Girl From El Salvador Was A Judge

Trump is so out of touch with reality that he attacked a judge for an immigration decision who was actually a 15-year-old migrant from El Salvador.

This is the President Of The United States:

As CNN’s Jim Acosta pointed out:

These aren’t Trump gaffes. They’re symptoms.

So far this week, Trump has falsely claimed that his father was born in Germany. Fred Trump was born in New York City. President Trump has also demanded an investigation into the “oranges” of the Mueller investigation, and now he is confusing a judge with a 15-year-old girl. Trump has always lived in his own fantasyland, but these statements this week show a basic lack of language and comprehension skills.

Trump is in decline, and if this is what Republicans are going to trot out at the top of their ticket in 2020, they are going to have a big problem.

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