Dear Trump Supporters: You Lost The Right To Smear Biden When You Voted For A Sexual Predator

Donald Trump and his supporters are having a field day in response to the news that former vice president Joe Biden’s affectionate style of politicking has made a handful of women uncomfortable over the years.

While these women aren’t alleging sexual assault, they do have the right to come forward and share any type of behavior that made them feel violated. It’s a demonstration of just how much progress society has made that women feel empowered to speak out on such issues.

In response, Biden has said he hears these women loud and clear. He acknowledged that he has a responsibility to change his behavior and that he plans to meet that responsibility.

Of course, none of that kept Donald Trump’s supporters from waging a full-on assault on the former vice president.

In recent days, the MAGA mob has flooded social media with pictures of Biden hugging female supporters over the years, as if they were showing us newly unearthed footage for the first time.

They’ve even started employing the hashtag #CreepyJoe, clearly taking their name-calling cues from the third-grader living in the White House.

Trump himself has even joined in on the action, posting a doctored video on Twitter of Joe Biden massaging his own shoulders. It’s disturbing in its own right that the same man who posted this video is also in charge of the nation’s nuclear codes.

But what’s most stunning is not Trump supporters’ juvenile attacks on Joe Biden. Given the maturity level of their leader, this is to be expected.

What’s shocking is the utter shamelessness of their hypocrisy. It is mindboggling that the backers of this president have the nerve to attack anyone else – Joe Biden or otherwise – on these grounds.

The MAGA mob can get back to us when they disavow Trump, an actual sexual predator

It’s important to remember that the MAGA mob now attacking Joe Biden is the same group of folks who stood by Donald Trump after the Access Hollywood tape surfaced in October 2016. At this point, Trump’s on-tape boastings about groping women without consent are seared into our collective minds.

Not only didn’t the Trumpers disavow him then, but they started showing up at his rallies wearing shirts like this.

When more than a dozen women came forward during the 2016 campaign to accuse their candidate of actual sexual assault – not awkward hugs – they didn’t criticize Trump. No, they cheered on the cretin as he suggested that the accusers weren’t attractive enough to assault.

More recently, when it was revealed that Trump illegally paid off a porn star during the campaign to cover up an affair, the MAGA mob was, again, quiet. That affair, by the way, took place just months after Melania Trump gave birth to their son Barron.

There is much more where this came from, of course. More than 16 women have come forward to accuse this president of sexual misconduct, and exactly zero Trump supporters have come forward to disavow it.

The idea that this president and his blindly loyal supporters are now outraged by Joe Biden’s sometimes-handsy approach to retail politics is, as the former vice president would say, a bunch of malarky.

The MAGA mob can save their fake outrage and give us a call when they disavow the actual sexual predator they elected in 2016.

Until then, forgive the rest of the country for not giving a damn what they have to say about Joe Biden.

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