Devin Nunes Is Trying To Get Barr To Prosecute Whistleblowers Against Trump

Rep. Devin Nunes wants Attorney General William Barr to prosecute eight people for leaking, and he claims, lying to the FISA court.

Nunes said on Fox Business:

We think we have got a pretty good idea of who some of the sources are behind these leaks,” he said. “We don’t know if the Department of Justice has been looking at these. But there’s just been unprecedented things have happened.


We believe there is a conspiracy to lie to the FISA court, mislead the FISA court by numerous individuals that all need to be investigated and looked at,” said Mr. Nunes, the top Republican on the House Intelligence Committee.


We’re prepared to make those eight referrals this week, so the two on conspiracy, the one on global leaks, and then five that are more specific on lying, leaking, and misleading Congress.


Devin Nunes is running his own witch hunt

Rep. Nunes is trying to discredit the Russia investigation before the Mueller report is released. He is also trying to intimidate people into not blowing the whistle on Trump, or exposing his behavior. This is a real-life witch hunt that Devin Nunes has cooked up, and it is all about attacking people who either investigated Trump or released information to the public that was damaging for the president.

William Barr’s credibility is close to zero after his hatch and spin job on the Mueller report, but if he allows Nunes and Trump to weaponize the DOJ for use against people who the president views as enemies, it will be an action that will lead to severe congressional and popular backlash. Trump‘s flying monkey Nunes is walking the president into a fresh disaster.

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