DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen Resigns And Bails On Trump

Kirstjen Nielsen who has been a frequent target of Trump’s wrath has resigned which clears the way for shutting down the southern border.

Paula Reid of CBS reported:

But nothing is definite yet:

Trump officially tweeted her departure:

Neilsen has been a frequent target of Trump’s rage because she won’t close the southern border. Closing the border has been pushed to the front of the news again by Trump, but the president has been trying to close the border down for almost a year, and one of his many points of anger with the DHS Secretary is that she won’t shut down the border and wreck the US economy.

Neilsen’s resignation means that Trump is going to find a new Homeland Security Secretary who will carry out his extremist immigration policies. The closing of the border is back on the table, as Trump’s immigration policies are about to get even more bigoted and extreme.

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