SNL Hilariously Takes On Biden’s Personal Space Issues

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” hilariously took on the personal boundary questions of former Vice President Joe Biden’s expected presidential campaign.

The cold opening showed multiple cringe-worthy examples of the behavior that has raised questions about Biden’s potential 2020 bid.

As the show opens, several Biden advisers stand around talking, with one asking “do you think he can turn this around?” And another says “Yeah, he’s a good guy. I’m sure this is tearing him up inside.”

Biden (played by Jason Sudeikis) then enters, laughing, and then gives everybody big hugs, rubs their heads, etc.

Then an African-American voter from Oakland comes to meet him and says “Oh my God, I know who you are. You’re Obama’s granddaddy! I’m going to vote for you.” And Biden says “get in here” and they give each other big hugs. Then Biden turns around, bends over and yells “Give me some low five” while the black woman slaps his butt a few times with Biden laughing.

Then she grabs him and squeezes him, yelling “Yeaaah!” and Biden says “not that far” with both of them laughing and having a great time.

Then she leaves saying “I’ll see you later” and Biden says “There you go, Love ya Baby! I appreciate it!” then later adds “Whoa, her thumbs. Wow.”

Biden’s campaign adviser, played by Kate McKinnon then says “That’s not how I wanted that to go. But did we learn anything today?”

Biden says “Oh yeah, yeah. Not really. But the important thing is I’m listening. I hear you, and I feel you, I feel you” with his hands rubbing her legs, and McKinnon says “that’s not the right direction.”

But Biden laughs it off, saying:

“So come on, let’s hug it out America. Biden and Some Woman in 2020. We can do this!

CLICK HERE to watch the SNL cold open courtesy of NBC.

Also on the same show, the “Weekend Update” segment discussed the fact that Donald Trump’s presidency lacks legitimacy.

“If Donald Trump stole his presidency, why don’t we just steal it back?” co-anchor Michael Che asked.

“Why is everybody trying to play fair with this guy?

“Even the FBI — oh, you didn’t find anything — then plant it, you’re the FBI,” he continued.

“Just turn off your body cam and put some crack in his shoes, man,” Che suggested.


CLICK HERE to watch the SNL Weekend Update courtesy of NBC.