Trump Fired Kirstjen Nielsen Because He Mad That He Can’t Close The Border

Trump fired his DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen because he is mad that he can’t close the southern border

NBC News reported:

Trump had been trying to close the southern border for nearly a year. He wanted the border during his bogus caravan crisis. Neilsen had not closed the border, and after a week where he was forced to pull back from his plan to cause a billion dollar in damage to the US economy a day, somebody had to pay, and that person was Neilsen.

The president still doesn’t get that Democrats control the House and have a ton of power. Trump isn’t running around unchecked anymore. He is frustrated and mad, so instead of dealing with his new reality, Trump is tantruming and forcing people around him to take the fall for his terrible ideas.

Neilsen was fired because she wasn’t doing a bad enough job for the country.

Trump is going to try to close the border, and what comes next will be an epic court case that will likely end in another in a line of Trump defeats.

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