Kirstjen Nielsen Will Never Outrun Her Cruel And Inhumane Immigration Legacy

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen will certainly try, but she will never be able to outrun her cruel and inhumane immigration legacy with the Trump administration.

On Monday, MSNBC‘s Jacob Soboroff completely demolished any suggestion that Nielsen should get credit for not being as tough as Donald Trump wanted her to be on immigration, which is what reportedly led to her resignation.

In an interview with Chris Hayes, Soboroff called it a “joke” that she should be praised for not being as awful as the president expected her to be.

“The idea that she should get some credit today because she pushed back on President Trump‘s reboot of family separation is a joke,” the MSNBC reporter said, reminding viewers that she championed that policy.


Soboroff said:

The idea that she should get some credit today because she pushed back on President Trump‘s reboot of family separation is a joke. I mean, I heard, Chris, time and time again after President Trump ended the separations, which I saw with my own eyes down there at the McAllen border patrol processing station, that within her group, her team, team Nielsen, they regretted that executive order being signed because they felt that they were close to the underlying policy goal, which is still the goal that Kevin McAleenan supports, which is, number one, holding families in jail basically, in detention for the entire duration of their asylum process and then turning around immediately young undocumented unaccompanied minors and sending them home the minute they set foot on U.S. soil.

Kirstjen Nielsen should have resigned in protest

If Kirstjen Nielsen truly wanted to protest the inhumane immigration policies pursued by her boss, Donald Trump, then she would have resigned the first moment she was ordered to carry them out.

Instead, she was the personal champion of Trump‘s cruel treatment of families seeking safety and asylum at the southern border, as they are legally able to do.

The general consensus since Nielsen stepped down on Sunday is that while it’s a positive development that she is gone, the president is poised to replace her with someone even more dangerous.

But just because Donald Trump will likely install someone at DHS who is Stephen Miller-level evil, doesn’t mean we should forget – or let Kirstjen Nielsen forget – all the pain she has brought to families at the border.

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