Trump Wants To Break The Law And Return To Putting Kids In Cages

Trump wants to resume putting migrant kids in cages, which is one of the reasons why Kirstjen Nielsen was pushed out.

Trump wants to put kids in cages

Julia Ainsley of NBC News reported, “Nielsen resisted for not moral but legal and logistical reasons. She reminded the president that he would be reversing his own order that ended family separation last summer and go against a court order that demanded reunification of those separated families. I even have some new reporting to share now about Kevin McAleenan the acting Secretary of Homeland Security taking Nielsen’s place Wednesday. He floated an option, thinks an option should be on the table called binary choice allowing parents two rough options. To either go into detention with their children for a prolonged period of time, over 20 days, which they’re not allowed to do under court orders now or to separate from their children. They think somehow giving them that option would go around the reunification court order and one thing that McAleenan has not ruled out, while Secretary Neilsen did resist that.”


The White House isn’t denying that Trump wants to start separating kids from their parents and putting them in cages again. It is important to remember that Neilsen is no hero. She was not opposed to putting kids in cages and ripping them away from their parents on moral grounds. She got fired because she refused to break the law to help Trump.

Trump thinks traumatizing innocent children makes him look tough

Trump likes the images of crying kids in cages. He thinks that it makes him look strong on immigration and tough on the border. Trump is going to make immigrants and immigration a key part of his reelection campaign. The president is destroying families and harming children because he thinks that it helps him politically. The president doesn’t care about the damage that he is doing to other human beings.

The Trump immigration policy was bad before, but it is about to become a horrific stain on America that will be viewed with scorn by the rest of the world.

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