Trump Mocked Secret Service Head And Former Marine Major General As ‘Dumbo’ Before Firing Him

If there was any remaining doubt about the president’s childishness, his treatment of outgoing Secret Service head Randolph Alles should clear it up.

According to The New York Times, Donald Trump mocked Alles for the size of his ears, calling the former Marine Major General “dumbo” before firing him.

The report notes:

Mr. Alles, a retired Marine major general who goes by Tex and was the first person from outside the Secret Service to head the agency in more than a century, received instructions 10 days ago to come up with an exit plan and was expected to leave on his own timeline, according to officials familiar with the discussions. The president had soured on Mr. Alles a while ago, even making fun of his looks, calling him Dumbo because of his ears, two officials said.

As PoliticusUSA’s Jason Easley wrote earlier on Monday, the firing of Alles is part of a “purge” of the Department of Homeland Security as “part of [Trump’s] plan to implement his court blocked immigration policies.”

On Sunday, Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen announced her resignation amid pressure from Trump, too, another sign that Trump believes his immigration policies haven’t been cruel and lawless enough.

The New York Times reports that the firing of Alles is also likely related to the fact that the Secret Service called out the staff at Mar-a-Lago about a recent security breach at the club.

Trump is a childish, wannabe dictator

Indeed, it is disturbing enough that Trump appears to be purging the Department of Homeland Security. As U.S. intelligence veteran Malcolm Nance said on Monday, “Trump is now removing anyone loyal to this nation’s laws.”

Trump’s firing of Randolph Alles further clarified not only that he wants to be more like a dictator, but also that he is so often motivated by a petty desire to get back at those who he believes don’t worship the ground upon which he walks.

It’s hard to think of two more dangerous qualities for the leader of the free world to have.

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