Trump Told Border Agents To Break The Law And Not Let Migrants In

Trump told border agents during his visit to California to defy a judge’s order and break the law by denying migrants entry into the US.

Trump instructed border agents to break the law

CNN reported:

Behind the scenes, two sources told CNN, the President told border agents to not let migrants in. Tell them we don’t have the capacity, he said. If judges give you trouble, say, “Sorry, judge, I can’t do it. We don’t have the room.”

After the President left the room, agents sought further advice from their leaders, who told them they were not giving them that direction and if they did what the President said they would take on personal liability. You have to follow the law, they were told.

Luckily, those border agents were smart enough to ask a superior before Donald Trump got them sent to prison, but the president is suffering from the delusion that his words are policies and laws. They are neither. Donald Trump is not a king. He can’t go to border patrol agents and declare that they shall allow no more migrants into the country.

The notion that America is all filled up and can’t hold any more people is absurd.

Trump showed his criminal intent

Trump fired Homeland Security Secretary Neilsen because she would not break the law. The United States currently has a president who has no respect or regard for the law. Trump is obsessed with putting kids in cages and harming families. He is trying to draft people into his scheme to break the law. Trump’s criminal intent has never been more clear, and anyone who follows his orders is likely to commit a crime.

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