2 Cabinet Members Were Open To Invoking The 25 Amendment And Removing Trump From Office

An ex-FBI official testified to Congress that there were two cabinet members who were open to invoking the 25th Amendment and removing Trump from office.

Instead of proving a conspiracy, Republicans provided evidence against Trump’s sanity

Former FBI general counsel James Baker, who is under investigation for leaking to the press, said during congressional testimony that Rod Rosenstein told him that there were two cabinet members who were on board with invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

House Judiciary Committee Republicans released the transcript because they are trying to prove that there is a “deep state” conspiracy to get Trump:

Baker: To the best of my recollection [former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe] told me that the deputy attorney general said that he had at least two members of the Cabinet who were ready to invoke the 25th Amendment.

Q: And what happened after that during that conversation? Did Mr. McCabe tell you anything else?

Baker: I am sure he told me other things in that conversation, but it was in part both of those things were relayed to me with other information with respect to — what the DAG was going through at the time and how he was thinking about his involvement in the firing of Director Comey and how he was thinking about proceeding after that.

Q: Did people tell you that the DAG was upset?

Baker: Yes.

Q: Did they tell you that he was making jokes?

A: No.

Q: Did they tell you that —

A: This was not a joking sort of time. This was pretty dark.

Members of Trump’s own cabinet were open to the 25th Amendment

Trump’s mental state is so bad that members of his own cabinet were open to removing him from office. This helps explain the purge of anyone who respects the law or is remotely sane from this administration. Trump needs people who will enable, not restrain, his crazy. Trump’s mental state is worsening by the day. He is not even answering questions when asked. His responses have deteriorated into incoherent rambles that don’t make sense.

Trump isn’t a master salesman. He’s a con man who has lost his mind.

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