Barr Refuses To Say If He Briefed Trump On The Mueller Report

Attorney General William Barr refuses to answer whether or not he briefed Trump and the White House on the Mueller report.

Willam Barr won’t say if he briefed the White House on the Mueller report

The exchange:

Q: Did the white house see the report before you released your summarizing letter? Has the White House seen it since then? Have they been briefed beyond the contents of your summarizing letter to the judiciary committee?

Barr: I said what I am going to say about the report today. I have issued three letters about it. And I was willing to discuss the historic information of how the report came to me and my decision on Sunday. But, I have already laid out the process that is going forward to release these reports. Hopefully within a week. And I’m not going to say anything more about it until the report is out and everyone has a chance to look at it.


Barr could have easily answered no

If the answer to the question was no, Barr could have easily said that. The fact that he is refusing to discuss his own conduct and handling of the report should tell the American people everything that they need to know. Barr’s non-answers are creating the impression that he is an attorney general with something to hide. The Attorney General could answer questions about his handling of the report without creating a prejudicial impression of the report.

The Barr hearing is an example of the Trump strategy in dealing with Congressional oversight. The White House is going to give Congress nothing as far as testimony, documents, and information are concerned. An innocent White House would cooperate. Barr and Trump are acting guilty as sin, and it is being broadcast for the nation to see.

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