Democrats Launch Major Offensive To Flip More House Seats In Texas

House Democrats are opening a central office in Texas as their major offensive to turn red seats blue is ramping up ahead of 2020.

The Texas Tribune reported:
“When it comes to places where House Democrats can go on offense, it doesn’t get any bigger than Texas,” said U.S. Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., the chairwoman of the DCCC. “In 2018, Texas Democrats proved that they can win in competitive districts. That’s why we are continuing our investments in the Lone Star State by opening a new DCCC:Texas Headquarters.”

The DCCC previously announced a national offensive effort for the 2020 elections that would install staffers in the Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio suburbs. Monday’s announcement takes that initiative a step further, opening a central office in Austin with eight staffers including Texas Democratic operatives Roger Garza and Michael Beckendorf.

Texas could be fertile ground for Democrats in 2020

Democrats flipped two House seats in Texas in 2018, and they are looking for more next year. Trump has never been popular in Texas. A recent poll revealed that Texas voters would vote for someone else over reelecting Trump by a margin of 45%-39%.

Not long ago, it would have been viewed as foolish for Democrats to put resources into Texas, but Trump’s lack of popularity combined with recent Democratic success makes the effort little risk and all reward for the Democratic Party. Democrats have nothing to lose and everything to gain by building a strong ground operation in Texas. They aren’t taking away anything from other states and races, and they are forcing Republicans to spend money in Texas instead of elsewhere.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said that she has a strategy for keeping the House in 2020, and while Republicans struggle to find decent candidates and raise money, Democrats are going on the offensive and eyeing more gains in Texas.

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