House Democrats Will Quickly Sue If Barr Issues Redacted Mueller Report

House Democrats are preparing a swift response and will quickly to get the full Mueller report after Attorney General Barr issues a redacted version.

CNN reported:

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler is preparing to “very quickly” subpoena the Justice Department and go to court seeking to obtain grand jury information, while House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff says he’s made a formal request to obtain the counterintelligence information from Mueller’s investigation to learn whether the President is “compromised” in any way.


The multi-pronged approach is the clearest sign yet that Barr’s release of a redacted report will not stop the brewing showdown between House Democrats and the Trump administration over the 22-month special counsel investigation. The fight is almost assuredly going to wind up in court as Democrats seek to pry material from the Mueller investigation out of the Justice Department beyond what Barr says he will provide.

Democrats won’t let Trump bury the Mueller report

House Democrats are very confident that they will win in court and force Barr to turn over the full Mueller report. Democrats are going to come at Trump and Barr from all sides and they won’t waste time getting the courts to force the release of the full report to Congress. Democrats are ready. Trump has been telegraphing for months that he was going to stall the report for as long as he could.

William Barr’s redacted report is not going to cut it. The White House is trying to provide as little information as possible to Congress and the American people, but Democrats are digging in and ready for this fight. Trump is trying to stall the release of the report until after the 2020, but Democrats are going to make sure that the American people get the full Mueller report long before they pick the next president.

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