Insane Trump Posts Delusional Video Where He Thinks He’s Batman


Trump tweeted a video that is set to the Dark Knight Rises soundtrack where he is Batman and Obama, the Clintons, Any Schumer, and others are the bad guys.

Update: Warner Brothers took legal action and had the video removed because Trump illegally used the Batman soundtrack.
Here is the video:

The Video Is Selling Trump As A Superhero


The video doesn’t make a strong political statement. It is a propaganda fluff piece that is designed to do nothing more than inflate Trump’s ego and appeal to his cult. There are several odd things about this video. It is selling Trump 2020, but it shows Amy Schumer while making no mention of Sen. Chuck Schumer. The video shows Hillary Clinton, but not Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. For some whacked out reason Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad is in the video, but none of the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Unless watching Fox News and tweeting is a superpower, Donald Trump is not a superhero. Playing golf while pretending to work is not how a superhero gets things done. The last time I checked Batman didn’t have Chinese spies wondering around the Batcave and didn’t require a golf cart because he is too obese to walk anywhere.

Trump is going to run for reelection as the superhero who saved America at a time when the economy is slowing down, and people are counting down the seconds until they can vote him out of office.

The president is delusional and has no idea how much the majority of the country can’t wait until he is going.

The orange fat man will never be Batman.

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