Panel Shocked That Hardliner Miller Is Now In Charge of Immigrant Policy

Donald Trump seems to have a very unusual relationship with White House Adviser Stephen Miller, who has been accused of white supremacism.

In fact, the president is now relying on the 33 year-old immigration hardliner more and more every day. Miller was reportedly behind the recent purge of the Department of Homeland Security, including the firing of DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.

It is also now rumored that Miller is actually setting White House policy on immigration, and he is reportedly telling the president how to deal with security at the Mexican border.

On MSNBC’s Morning Joe TV show today, co-host Joe Scarborough expressed shock and dismay at the relationship between Trump and Miller.

Scarborough said he clearly remembers the last time he spoke to Donald Trump, who told him to quit criticizing Miller, who had just become White House adviser.

Trump made this request because the Morning Joe co-host had often ripped Miller’s appearances on TV where he consistently expressed very harsh anti-immigrant views.

“The last time I had a conversation with Donald Trump, I was actually yelling over Stephen Miller,” Scarborough said. “We actually raked him over the coals for two days, Stephen Miller, for saying the president’s authority was not to be questioned. I found that to be illiberal, undemocratic and frightening, and we said that for two days.”

Scarborough found the president’s reaction to that criticism “curious.”

“It’s the only time I’ve heard Donald Trump call and yell in defense of somebody else,” he said. “He actually said, ‘You’re hurting this poor young kid.’”

Co-host Mika Brzezinski pointed out the irony in Trump feeling compassion and sympathy for “a poor young kid” since it is well known that Miller was behind the administration’s draconian family separation policy.

“Donald said, ‘You’re not being nice to this poor young kid, you’re killing him every day,’” Scarborough recalled. “It was the first time I’d ever heard him talk about any staff member that way. Of course, the comeback was you need to tell the poor young kid he needs to read the Constitution and stop saying the president’s authority is not to be questioned.”

Stephen Miller is a White Nationalist and a Threat to American Democracy

The more power Stephen Miller has in the Trump White House, the greater the threat to democracy in America.

Miller has a great deal of power now because his harsh (and racist) views are completely in line with Trump’s own views. As Scarborough said today: “He has a mind-meld with Donald Trump.”

The recent purge at DHS shows that Trump wants to be surrounded only with people who support his extreme white nationalist views.

Stephen Miller is encouraging Donald Trump’s worst instincts, and translating them into immigration policy for the United States, which is a threat to the entire country.


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