Rachel Maddow Destroys The Conspiracy Theory That Trump Was Spied On During The Campaign

Rachel Maddow crushed the conspiracy theory that the government spied on the Trump campaign by pointing out that foreign governments caught Trump people constantly interacting with Russians.

Rachel Maddow Drops The Truth On Trump Spied On Conspiracy Theory

Maddow said:

To give them the benefit of the doubt, conceivably maybe he is talking about foreign intelligence services doing the spying? I mean, we do know it has been reported that there was intelligence that our foreign allies shared with their U.S. Counterparts once they encountered contacts between the Trump campaign and Russians. There has been pretty robust reporting that foreign intelligence agencies picked up on a number of occasions Trump associates on their intelligence intercepts in 2015 and 2016.

The problem with that, as far as this spying on the trump campaign theory goes is that those foreign intelligence agencies weren’t like running a long-time surveillance operation on Michael Cohen or on X or Y Trump associate. As far as we can tell, the reason that all those Trump associates turned up on foreign intelligence intercepts is because those foreign intelligence agencies were watching the Russians. Like they do. That’s what western intelligence agencies do. And while they’re watching the Russians, all these trump associates and people close to the trump campaign kept walking through the frame. Really, another one? That’s sort of — that’s kind of the scary part. That’s how we got the counterintelligence investigations in the first place. Information about Russians and about Russian behavior that weirdly intersected with all these people associated with one of the two presidential campaigns.


The Spied On Conspiracy Is An Effort To Muddy The Waters

Trump and his defenders are trying to create a counter-narrative that will muddy the waters and cast doubt on the Mueller report findings. The Trump was spied on conspiracy is intended to challenge the facts of the investigation with a fairy tale that will give Trump supporters and conservative media something to run with and counterprogram against the Mueller investigation.

Attorney General Barr thinks spying occurred, but he could provide no evidence or specific examples of spying operations by the US government on the Trump campaign. As Maddow showed, one should get distracted by the right’s new shiny object. The only reason governments caught members of their Trump campaign in their surveillance is because people in the Trump campaign were hanging out with Russians.

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