Former IRS Head Under George W. Bush Just Shattered Trump’s Big Lie About His Tax Returns

Donald Trump continues to assert that he is under no obligation to release his tax returns, even as the House Ways and Means Committee has formally – and legally – issued a request for them.

Mark Everson, the former IRS commissioner under George W. Bush, quickly smacked down Trump’s continued stonewalling, saying that the law is clear.

“If the chairman of Ways and Means asks for a return, he or she gets it,” Everson told MSNBC’s Chris Hayes. “It’s that simple.”


In a short exchange with the MSNBC host, Everson busts the Trump administration myth that he isn’t obligated to hand over his tax returns when they are formally requested:

HAYES: My next guest served as IRS commissioner for several years under George W. Bush. … Mr. Everson, maybe you can just start with, as someone with some expertise here, your understanding of the law in terms of this request. 

EVERSON: I think that the law is clear here, Chris. If the chairman of Ways and Means asks for a return, he or she gets it. It’s that simple. 

Trump’s tax return cover-up is coming to an end

As Democrats continue to force the issue, Trump’s tax return cover-up appears to be reaching its conclusion – and it’ll likely be devastating for him.

Each reason the president puts forward for why he can’t release his tax returns – from his seemingly decades-long audit to his claim that there is no law that requires him to hand them over – has been debunked six ways from Sunday.

Now that Trump has no ground to stand on and the law, like usual, isn’t on his side, the American people are likely to soon find out why this president was so afraid to show his tax returns.

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