NY State Senator Says Legislation Could Be Passed To Get Congress Trump’s Tax Returns In A Couple Weeks

NY State Sen. Brad Hoylman said that a bill could pass the legislature that would allow the state to get Trump’s tax returns for Congress in a couple of weeks.

Holyman was asked on CBSN why he thinks that his legislation will be successful, “We’re not suggesting that the tax returns of any New Yorker be made public. We’re providing them to Congress at their request under their mandate to be the check on the Executive and perform their important oversight responsibilities.

Rep. Holyman said that he hopes that this legislation will pass in the next couple of weeks, the governor will sign it and that they could very quickly move to get Donald Trump’s tax returns.


The approach is novel because Democrats are going for a single piece of carefully crafted legislation. They aren’t exposing the tax information of New Yorkers to the public, but are simply making the tax returns available to Congress upon their request. The Treasury Department will already have their hands full with the request from the House Ways and Means Committee that looks to be on rock-solid ground involving Trump’s tax returns.

There will be a legal remedy that will get Trump’s tax returns released. He can’t keep them hidden forever, and one or more of these maneuvers will be successful and the result will be that Congress will finally have Trump’s tax returns.

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