Americans Will Take To The Streets With Rally Demanding Trump’s Tax Returns On Tax Day

A rally will be held at the IRS Building in Washington, DC on tax day where the American people will demand the release of Trump’s tax returns.

The American people are demanding Trump’s tax returns

According to a statement from the Americans For Tax Fairness provided to PoliiticusUSA:

Americans for Tax Fairness, Tax March, Patriotic Millionaires, Public Citizen, People for the American Way and the Center for American Progress Action Fund will join with other groups at the rally to demand that the IRS comply with federal law and provide six years of Trump’s tax returns as requested by House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal.

Under 26 U.S. Code § 6103(f), the committee chair has the authority to request the tax returns of any taxpayer. The law states that, upon receipt of such a request, the Treasury Secretary “shall furnish” the returns to the committee. The IRS has always complied with a tax return request from Congress. Mnuchin announced on Wednesday that he would not meet the April 10 deadline to comply with Neal’s request.

The groups will make it clear that no one, not even the president, is above the law. Millions of Americans are filing their taxes on Tax Day and many will be sending a check to the IRS. Trump has bragged about going years without paying taxes, and a New York Times story suggested he and his family engaged in possible tax fraud. The public deserves to know the facts.

The rally will be held on Monday at 5 PM. Ideally, there would be protests across the country demanding to see Trump’s tax returns. A president is not a private citizen. Different rules and responsibilities apply to a president than a private citizen. The American deserve to know if the president is compromised, and the only way to help Congress get Trump’s tax returns is if the public keeps the pressure on and demands them.

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