Trump Threat Backfires As Sanctuary Cities Say They’ll Welcome Migrants

Trump’s threat to dump detained migrants in sanctuary cities completely backfired as the mayors of several of these cities said that the migrants would be welcomed.

Trump’s immigrant dumping threat did not go as he expected

Trump tweeted:

Trump will show them. He will send the immigrants to sanctuary cities. There will be non-white people everywhere. Democrats will learn to give Trump what he wants or else.

The sanctuary cities did not respond like Donald Trump thought they would

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said, “President Trump has yet again proven that the only constant in his immigration policy is cruelty. He uses people like pawns. New York City will always be the ultimate city of immigrants – the President’s empty threats won’t change that.”

Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney said, “The city would be prepared to welcome these immigrants just as we have embraced our immigrant communities for decades.”

Jesse Arreguin, the mayor of Berkeley, California, said, “I am shocked but not surprised that once again this president is playing a cynical game with people’s lives in order to score political points. Rather than supporting a real pathway to citizenship for the millions of immigrants in this country, he is fanning the flames of division.”

Trump thought that he could scare Democrats into giving him his way, but instead, the Democratic response has made Trump look like the small-minded bigot that he is. The big migrant dumping threat has backfired on this president.

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