Bill Maher Turns The Tables And Uses Fox News’s Racism Against Them

Bill Maher used one of Fox News’s favorite slurs against immigrants to turn the tables on the gaffe infested network.

Bill Maher turns around Fox News racism and bigotry

Maher said, “The mean attitude on Fox and Friends. They called Central America Mexican countries. Mexican countries? By the way, a couple of weeks ago, they once called a selfie a selife. They even misspelled spelling bee. That’s true. You know what? If you guys are going to live in the United States, learn the f**king language.”


Fox News reinforces ignorance

One of the right’s favorite demonizations of immigrants is that they don’t “talk American,” or learn the language. It is as if the right doesn’t understand that the English language was not invented in the United States. The actual American language would be the languages that Native Americans use.

It is symptomatic of the ignorance of the Trump cult that they deem themselves superior because they speak English, although many of them don’t speak it well, while their favorite television network can’t get basic words and phrases correct on the air.

Fox News is the televised embodiment of the right’s belief that facts don’t matter. Feelings are the only thing that counts. When the right’s war on fact and knowledge is taken to its logical extreme, the result is a television network that not only puts out propaganda but through their sloppiness constantly sends the message that facts and accuracy don’t matter.

Everyone makes mistakes, but not everyone pushes an agenda of bigotry and division while stressing to their viewers that they are superior, because by watching Fox News, they are getting the real truth.

Before Fox News can criticize others, they first have to prove they know how to “talk American.”

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