Cory Booker Explains In 35 Seconds How Trump Is A Threat To America

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) broke down in a little more than half a minute what it is that makes Trump a threat to America.

During an interview on MSNBC’s AM Joy, Booker said, “This is where we’re having our new democracy right now under this context. And to have a president that doesn’t even recognize the threat, doesn’t even want to admit that there was that kind of interference in the elections of the past, that means he is part of the problem in making us less safe. If there is one thing we should all join together on in this country it is that we’re being attacked. Somebody is trying to attack the most sacrosanct element of a democracy which is the electoral process and we should join together to try to stop it. Not having a Commander in Chief that is denying that it is happening, nor he is doing the things necessary to stop it from continuing to happen.”


A threat doesn’t have to be someone or something that is working to undermine democratic institutions, although Trump is doing that too. A threat can also be someone in power who knows that their nation is being attacked but turns a blind eye to it because he benefits from the attacks personally. We could spend every day from now until Election Day 2020 discussing all of the ways in which Donald Trump poses a threat, but the cleanest and simplest way to carry this issue into the voting booth with you is to keep in mind that the Commander in Chief is not protecting the country.

Trump has violated his oath of office from day one, which is why he should be denied a second term as President Of The United States.

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