GOP Gov. Matt Bevin Gets Booed Off The Stage At Hillbilly Days In Kentucky

Gov. Matt Bevin (R-KY) showed why he is one of the least popular governors in the country by getting booed while he compared himself to Jesus Christ in Eastern Kentucky.


As the crowd at Hillbilly Days boos the governor in deep red Eastern Kentucky, Bevin can be heard comparing himself to Jesus. Bevin’s lack of popularity isn’t surprising. He is one of the ten least popular governors in the country.

The Lexington Herald-Leader listed just a few of the things that Bevin has done to tick off Kentucky voters, “Bevin’s numbers have dropped steadily since he helped introduce the Republican plan to address Kentucky’s massive pension liability last fall. The biggest drop came between April and July after Bevin guaranteed that children were sexually assaulted because teachers protested in Frankfort and his attempt to roll back Kentucky’s Medicaid expansion was knocked down by a federal judge.”

Throw in a Republican style corporate tax cut, and Bevin has hit the grand slam of GOP failure in Kentucky.

Donald Trump has been a frequent presence in Eastern Kentucky as the president piled up huge margins of victory in the state’s coal counties, but the Republican agenda is being rejected everywhere including in some of the reddest parts of the red states where Trump did best in 2016.

The booing of Matt Bevin suggests that contempt for the Republican agenda isn’t red or blue. It’s a national trend.

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