Nancy Pelosi Rips Trump For Video Linking Rep. Omar To 9/11 Terrorists

Speaker of the House Pelosi ripped Trump for using video of the 9/11 attacks to spread fear, and to Muslim-Americans like Rep. Omar (D-MN) feel less safe.

Pelosi slams Trump for 9/11 video linking Omar to terrorists

Pelosi said in a statement to PoliticusUSA while visiting US troops in Germany, “The memory of 9/11 is sacred ground, and any discussion of it must be done with reverence. The President shouldn’t use the painful images of 9/11 for a political attack. As we visit our troops in Stuttgart to thank them and be briefed by them, we honor our first responsibility as leaders to protect and defend the American people. It is wrong for the President, as Commander-in-Chief, to fan the flames to make anyone less safe.”

Here is the video that Trump posted on his Twitter account (Warning it is graphic and offensive):

Trump is putting the life of Rep. Omar in danger

A New York Trump supporter was already charged with threatening to kill Rep. Omar. Conservative media and Trump have already made her a targeted with their doctored video of her comments about 9/11.

Trump is entering full campaign, and what we are about to see is the most disgusting fear-based campaign in modern political history. Trump is going to get Rep. Omar or other Muslim Americans killed. He wants division and violence. Donald Trump can’t win a presidential campaign with the majority of the country united against him.

Speaker Pelosi was right. 9/11 should never be used as a political tool. Trump is using the platform of the presidency to put the life of a member of Congress in jeopardy. Any member of Congress who remains silent is endorsing Trump risking the life of one of their own.

Trump has no low, and his rhetoric is going to get someone or many people killed.

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