As Kellyanne Goes On Meet The Press To Lie, George Conway Calls Trump Stupid

Kellyanne Conway was on Meet The Press lying for Trump, while her husband George Conway was on Twitter calling Trump stupid.

While Kellyanne Conway was trying to shift the blame to Congress for the crisis on the border that Trump created:

Her husband George Conway was on Twitter calling his wife’s boss stupid:

Putting the family dynamics of the Conways aside, George Conway is correct, Trump’s dumping immigrants in sanctuary cities is the dumbest idea imaginable if the goal is to get migrants to stop coming to the United States.

Trump appears to have sent Kellyanne Conway and Sarah Sanders on to the Sunday shows for the sole purpose of shifting the blame for the migrants coming to the border on to Democrats. Trump believes that the migrants give him “leverage” over Democrats and that he can pressure them into giving him what he wants. The president still doesn’t get that he only hurts himself with these policies.

Democrats don’t feel any of the political pain. It is Trump who made fantastically impossible to keep promises on immigration to his supporters. Trump is stupid on this issue, but his whole motivation is to hurt Democrats, not to solve the problems that he created on the border.

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