Trump Is Freaking Over Obstruction Of Justice Info In Mueller Report

Trump and the White House are said to be very worried about what former White House Counsel Don McGahn told Mueller about obstruction of justice.

The White House is worried about obstruction of justice

Jon Karl reported on ABC’s This Week:

KARL: Yes, yes. The good news is already out there, broad conclusion, no finding of conspiracy between the campaign and the Russians on the hack or on the interfering in the elections.

But there is significant concerns about what will be in here, new information on the obstruction justice question, on what the president was doing regarding some of the big questions, was he trying to – how much – how far did he go down the line of trying to fire Mueller or talk about firing Mueller, situations surrounding the Comey firing.

And what worries them most is what Don McGahn told the Special Counsel . It was –

STEPHANOPOULOS: Former White House Counsel.

KARL: Former White House Counsel Don McGahn has visibility on all of this. It was reported earlier that he spent 30 hours before the Special Counsel. George, I’m told that significantly more than 30 hours, and here’s the astounding thing.

After all of that time before the Special Counsel, nobody on the president’s legal team debriefed McGahn about what he was asked by the Special Counsel or what he told the Special Counsel.


Obstruction of justice is why Trump is trying to hide the full report

The White House has always been most concerned about obstruction of justice, because that is an impeachable offense, and Mueller’s report could launch Democrats in the direction of impeachment The news that the administration is worried kills the total exoneration myth that has been perpetuated by Trump. Presidents who follow the law don’t live in terror of obstruction of justice.

Trump is scared, and obstruction of justice is the reason why.

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