Experts Warn Barr Will Censor 50%-70% Of The Mueller Report

Experts are warning that Attorney General William Barr is expected to censor and not make public 50%-70% of the Mueller report.

Barr expected to censor more than half of Mueller report

Frank Figliuzzi said on MSNBC, “We should be looking back at his statements that give us a clue as to what we’re in for. He has used the phrase, this first pass in reference to what he is going to first give Congress. That implies this will not be a good faith first effort. He is prepped for a kind of battle of back and forth negotiations. Let’s look for what percentage of the so-called 400-page report has actual redaction through it. Experts have been saying look for anywhere from 50% to 70% to be redacted. I will be focussed on any evidence of intentions. Will we see a memo, a legal brief from a report that says I think this should go to Congress? I’m looking for that as we flip through the pages on Thursday.”


Barr is about to Easter news dump a report with most of the information missing

William Barr is dumping the report on the day before the Easter weekend holiday. However, Barr isn’t likely to be content with dumping the report when fewer people are paying attention. The Attorney General is also going to censor the report so that what the public and Congress actually get on Thursday may have the most important pieces of information missing.

The president couldn’t ask for a better burying of the report.

It would be wise to not be disappointed if the Barr redacted report contains few bombshells.

Democrats are going to sue to get the full report, as what William Barr and Trump are trying to pull is not going to cut it with congressional investigators and the American people.

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