‘Fire Expert’ Trump Tells Paris How To Put Out Notre Dame Cathedral Fire

Trump doesn’t have anything better to do with his time as president, so he was on Twitter giving advice on how to put out the Notre Dame Cathedral fire.

Trump tweeted:

Video of the fire:

Trump should be being president, not watching cable news

All former presidents agree on one thing, and that is that the most precious resource that they have in office is time. Presidents who want to get things don’t waste time. Some presidents have been early risers who worked day and nights. Others have been night owls who were famous for long late hours, and then there is Donald Trump, whose presidency is so barren of urgency and activity that he has the time to hop on social media and play fire expert.

Trump’s knowlege of firefighting is probably on par with his knowledge of the Constitution and how government works, which is to say that he knows nothing.

Trump is in Minnesota to hype the economy and his tax cuts for the rich, but that is his only event of the day.

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