Fox News Town Hall Backfires As The Crowd Nearly Unanimously Supports Medicare For All

In a major fail for Fox News as the network held a town hall with Bernie Sanders on Monday, nearly everyone in the bipartisan crowd raised their hands when asked whether they support a “Medicare for All” health care system.

After explaining that the audience is filled with folks of all political ideologies, Fox host Bret Baier first asked the crowd whether they are currently on private health insurance through their jobs, which prompted most hands to go up.

When Baier asked those same people whether they would trade their employer-provided health insurance for a “government-run” system, almost every hand in the crowd remained raised, and many audience members cheered for the idea.


Expanding health care is popular among both parties

Outside of the Trump-Fox News bubble, expanding health care is a popular idea. It’s simple: The American people agree that in the richest country on earth, health care coverage should be a right, not a privilege that only the wealthy can afford.

Public polling has repeatedly shown how popular universal health care is. A recent survey from Kaiser Family Foundation shows nearly 60 percent of Americans support a single-payer health care system.

With every Democratic candidate likely to include some form of universal health care in their 2020 platform, the Fox News town hall on Monday showed that this is an issue that could threaten Donald Trump’s reelection chances next year.

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