Pelosi Sends Trump Over The Edge By Telling Him That Even He Knows That He Shouldn’t Be President

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a ’60 Minutes’ interview that there’s “nobody in the country who knows better” than Donald Trump that he shouldn’t be president.

Explaining the Mueller report is about “an attack on our elections by a foreign government,” Pelosi said “And we want to know about that.”

Lesley Stahl asked if Attorney General Barr was covering anything up, to which Pelosi pointed out that she has no way of knowing that and that’s exactly why he should release the full Mueller report.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi then said there’s “nobody in the country who knows better” than Donald Trump that he shouldn’t be president.

Stahl asked if Pelosi thinks Trump knows this himself, “I think he does.”


Pelosi knows that Trump watches endless TV and that in order to communicate with Trump, one either says it on TV or on Twitter.

“But I respect the office he holds and he’s not worth the trouble of saying you’re so horrible we can’t work together,” Pelosi carefully added. “No, we need to work together.”

So in one swoop Pelosi hit Trump where he’s most sensitive and gave him nothing on which to hang his Palin-esque victim complex.

Nancy Pelosi knows better than most that what she just said touches Trump’s most sensitive nerve. Trump has always felt on the outside of New York high society and now he’s in the White House and he is not capable of doing the job and even he thought he was going to lose on election night.

Trump knows that without the help of the Russians (whether or not he conspired with them), it’s doubtful he would be in the White House. Trump won after losing the popular vote by almost 2 million by capturing a narrow 77,000 collective votes from three Midwestern states. He knows he had to lie about his inauguration size. He knows he got there and is staying there with the use of excessive propaganda tools.

Bait taken (there are more tweets of this variety, this is but a sampling):

Trump can’t stand the idea that his presidency is seen as illegitimate.

Nancy Pelosi is not the one who has lost control of her caucus. That would be Trump, whose own party couldn’t come together enough to repeal Obamacare even when they had control of the White House and both chambers for two years.

Trolling is Trump’s specialty. Playing the victim is his specialty. Bullying people is his specialty. None of those traits make a leader. They make a good disruptor and conspirator, which is what Trump is.

Trump’s biggest fear has always been that he is illegitimate. An illegitimate “rich” man. An “illegitimate” successful business man. And now an “illegitimate” President. Which is ironic and perfect for the man who trolled Obama for 8 plus years over his birth certificate.

Nancy Pelosi knows how to poke Trump. She just did it again, and he fell for the bait like he always does.

Image: Screen capture via CBS’ 60 Minutes.