The Redacted Mueller Report To Be Released On Thursday

The DOJ is saying that they intend to make the redacted Mueller report available to the public and Congress on Thursday morning.

Julia Ainsley of NBC News reported, “We can now report that the Justice Department is expected to make this public on Thursday morning. That would go public to us, to the media, to the public and to Congress on Thursday morning. Of course, they expect that. They could always push that of course, as you point out, this would be the redacted version of the report. It will not be the full report. Of course, those redactions will be the subject of some conversation for days to come.”


The Battle For The Full Mueller Report Begins On Thursday

House Democrats want the full Mueller report and all of the underlying materials and will not be satisfied with a Barr edited version of the report. House Democrats are expected to move quickly and sue to get the full Mueller report. Republicans and the White House would like you to believe that the release of the redacted report will be the end of the issue.

Nothing less than the full report and all of the underlying evidence will be enough for Democratic investigations.

The battle for the truth launches on Thursday morning.

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