Trump Blows A Gasket And Begs Fox News To Only Let His Supporters Into Their Town Halls

Donald Trump continued to lose his mind over the Bernie Sanders town hall televised on Fox News on Monday, complaining a short time ago that his favorite “news” network didn’t allow enough of his supporters into the studio.

“Big complaints about not being let in-stuffed with Bernie supporters,” the president tweeted on Tuesday night. “What’s with Fox News?”

Shortly after his tweet complaining about the Fox News town hall audience, Trump took another shot at Bernie Sanders for the amount of taxes he paid – pretty rich for a man who has spent a lifetime using legally dubious methods to avoid paying his fair share.

Trump then offered his unsolicited prediction – as well as a lazy, childish nickname for former vice president Joe Biden – on who his opponent will be in 2020.

Of course, what’s really bugging Trump is likely the fact that the town hall event with Bernie Sanders saw monster ratings and has gotten positive reviews since it aired.

Not to mention, the audience – which was filled with Americans of all political ideologies, not just Sanders supporters – seemed receptive to some key ideas that are being put forward by each of the 2020 Democratic candidates.

As I wrote on Monday, almost all of the members of the audience cheered when they were asked if they would support a transition from private employer-based health insurance to a government-run single-payer system.

Democrats are lining up to take on Fox News

As Trump goes berserk, it appears more Democrats are ready to make the leap onto the president’s turf.

According to The Daily Beast, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Julian Castro and Rep. Tim Ryan are some of the 2020 hopefuls who are prepared to hold similar town halls on Fox News.

It will only infuriate Trump more as each of them makes their way to Trump TV to dismantle his presidency and offer substantive solutions.

Instead of whining about how not even Fox News could hide the fact that the American people support ideas being proposed by Democratic candidates, Trump should propose some of his own.

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