96% of Workers Didn’t Get A Pay Raise From Trump’s Tax Cuts

The White House confirmed that the pay raise that Trump promised with his tax cuts for the wealthy has not happened for 96% of workers.

96% of workers have not gotten a pay raise from Trump’s tax cuts

The White House confirmed, “More than 6 million workers received pay raises, bonuses, or increased retirement contributions thanks to the President’s tax cuts.”

The problem is that there are 157 million workers in the workforce. The White House’s own numbers mean that less than four percent of US workers saw a pay raise from the tax cuts.

“Either President Trump and his people don’t understand math, or they don’t think anyone else does,” said Frank Clemente, executive director of Americans for Tax Fairness. “He’s bragging that just 4% of workers got a pay raise from his tax cuts after promising corporations would give a $4,000 raise to every American family. Maybe he thought no one would notice, but polling shows the American people certainly notice that his tax cuts for the wealthy and big corporations left them out.”

Americans For Tax Fairness estimate that the pay raises cost corporations $7.1 billion compared to the $1 trillion that they are getting tax cuts.
Trump’s poll numbers are plummeting despite a”booming” economy because the economy is booming for the wealthy and corporations, but most workers are being left behind. `

If Democrats win back the White House and Senate while keeping the House, their first order of business should be repealing the Trump tax cut for the wealthy and corporations.

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