Even Trump’s No Collusion Defense Is On The Verge Of Collapse

It turns out that Trump’s no collusion defense isn’t no collusion, but collusion that can’t be charged as a crime.

Matthew Miller said on MSNBC:

I picked up on the same thing Barbara did. I thought it relates to what the attorney general said this his wording around this section of what Bob Mueller found was very careful. When he went through the kind of series of potential charges. He said they found no collusion with respect to the internet research agency, the social media activity. They found no collusion with respect to hacking. When he talked about the dissemination of information, — information he said a crime wasn’t committed. They felt like he was spinning ahead of time.


That entire section is blacked out. I suspect it relates to the ongoing Roger stone case. If so, that’s something the justice said they will show to Congress. I’ll be interested to see if members of Congress are allowed to see this material and if their interpretation, they may agree with the attorney generals and special counsel’s legal interpretation that no crime was committed but I want to see if there’s other information about knowledge of the dissemination before or ongoing. There are references in the narrative section of the summary to very curious timing of the Wikileaks dumps.


No Collusion Really Doesn’t Mean No Collusion

The context that the Mueller report provides sheds light on what no collusion really means. The conduct that the Trump campaign engaged in didn’t rise to the level of a crime, but that is not the same thing as no collusion. Trump and his supporters want to pretend like the Trump campaign had nothing to do with Russia’s attack on US democracy, but if the campaign, or Roger Stone, helped Russia with the timing of the release of Clinton’s emails, it may not be a crime, but it would be an impeachable offense and damning evidence in the eyes of a majority of voters.

No collusion isn’t accurate, and even Trump’s favorite mantra is in jeopardy of being shattered by reality.

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