Robert Mueller Found Enough Evidence To Indict Donald Trump

The first bombshell from the Mueller report is that Mueller did consult the Office of Legal Counsel about the possibility of indicting Trump for obstruction of justice.

Julia Ainsley of NBC News reported, “The redactions were lighter than we expected to be. Mostly for grand jury and on going investigations. The special counsel did consult the office of legal counsel opinion that you cannot indict a sitting president. That counters what William Barr said earlier today that that was not taken into consideration. The special counsel said in a traditional investigation, we would not have to think about the fact that we’re talking about the president of the United States. This changes that.”


It turns out that surprise, surprise, William Barr lied when he cleared Trump of obstruction of justice. Mueller did look into indicting Trump, which is the first sign that special counsel’s office thought that they had enough evidence to pursue and indictment against the President Of The United States. If Mueller thought that Trump could be indicted, then it is fairly certain that there is enough evidence available to meet the threshold for obstruction of justice as an impeachable offense.

Trump “total exoneration” just exploded.

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