Trump Brainwashes His Supporters By Telling Them To Only Watch Barr Press Conference On Fox News

Trump is openly promoting Fox and One America News and trying to hide the facts by telling his supporters to only watch Barr’s press conference on those channels.

Trump tweeted:

Trump wants to make sure that none of his supporters are exposed to facts

There can be no doubt that Attorney General Barr is running Trump’s PR effort on the redacted Mueller report. Not only is Trump promoting his attorney general’s press conference, but he is directing his supporters on where to watch the press conference. It is a full propaganda effort from the Executive Branch to protect a criminal president.

Trump is trying to direct his supporters to watch Barr on Fox News and One America because he doesn’t want them exposed to facts. The president is trying to manage where his supporters see the news so that he can manipulate their views and keep them in line. Trump is playing to the news bubble that his supporters live in. It is a classic tactic straight out of Fox News. Trump is directing his supporters to where the “truth” is.

Never has a president endorsed a news network. The Trump/conservative media is working overtime to make sure that no facts of the Mueller report get through to the president’s followers.

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